• Adam Green and Toby Goodshank

    Adam Green and Toby Goodshank are American singer-songwriters and visual artists well known for their involvement in the Anti-folk music movement. Green is a filmmaker and was a co-frontperson of The Moldy Peaches. Goodshank played guitar in The Moldy Peaches and has released no less than 33 records.

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    The faceless site administrator.

  • Alex Burns

    Alex Burns is a man of the people and loves all kinds of rebel music, especially made by his friends.

  • Allan Raible

  • Ben Bailey

    Ben Bailey runs the Brighton SOURCE website and was formerly the listings and reviews editor on the magazine. As well as writing stuff for other publications he also finds the time to play in various bands and once came 4th place in a BMX tournament.

  • Christopher Nosnibor

    Christopher Nosnibor is a writing machine. Essayist, blogger, ranter, plagiarist, self-promoter, purveyor of postmodern fiction, and prolific music reviewer. Fan of real ales and single malt whiskies. He doesn't sleep much.

  • Dedee W

    Dedee W is a freelance arts writer who spent five years in the UK fully immersing herself in their music festivals and scenes. She arrived in London in 2004, was introduced to the Antifolk Festivals, then started taking photos and reviewing the shows. She's now back in her home-town of Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Dylan Caulfield

    Dylan "The Catcher" Caulfield was born in New York City but his family relocated when he was young to Europe, spending time in various places including Sweden, Portugal, the north of England and Dubai. Dylan claims an encyclopedic knowledge of antifolk dating back ‘to ‘84’. He currently lives in Canada with two dogs.

  • Filthy Pedro

    is an Antifolk musician and founder of the British Antifolk movement. Some say he is over 10,000 years old and sees Antifolk as the evolution of folk music. Others say he is actually originally from Anglesey and first got into Antifolk when he realised the type of music he liked and made had a name.

  • Ginsoaked Girl

    Yes, gin is a country and I've visited it often. In fact I've conducted a passionate love affair with the place. Bought the t-shirt and definitely been to the duty-free. Along the way, I've been to a few gigs and undergone a bit of a personal renaissance.

  • Helen Irvine

    Where there are underground gigs in London, Helen is there. Especially when the gig is in a dive bar or pub so she can have a drink at the same time.

  • I Cann

    Who is I Cann? I can't tell you as I don't remember.

  • Jada Smithereens

  • JJ Crash

    JJ Crash is a the Godfather of British Antifolk. Having spent years both in London and New York, he is well acquainted with the scene on both sides of the pond. JJ is a singer songwriter but more recently is known for his guitar work in Lucy's Diary.

  • Joe Surly

    is a member of Man in the Dark, a Liverpool based Antifolk outfit.

  • Jonny T

    Somewhere in Brighton is Jonny T. Is he in the garden? Is he in the pub? He might be at an antifolk gig.

  • Justin Remer

    Justin Remer used to live in New York, where he was the leader of Elastic No-No Band . Now he lives in Los Angeles, records usually as Duck the Piano Wire, and is just trying to figure it all out.

  • Lach

    is an Antifolk legend, having been a leader in the new folk movement that became known as Antifolk during the early 1980s in New York. Lach started up the first Antifolk nights at his 'Fort' on the Lower East side of Manhattan, and has been keeping Antifolk going ever since. Lach now lives and runs his legendary Antihoot open mic in Edinburgh.

  • Lowdown Weenwright

  • Medders

    Medders is considered the most Rock’n'Roll musician in all Antifolk history. He is also considered the worst bass player in all Antifolk history, a scene already known for it’s lax musical standards. Seen playing bass with Filthy Pedro and partying with Milk Kan.

  • Paul Hawkins

    Paul Hawkins is a London-based author and singer-songwriter who fronts The Awkward Silences, a key band in the UK antifolk movement. The band have released three albums, numerous singles, and have appeared on compilations for Cherryade Records, Jezus Factory Records, Audio Antihero and AFUK Records. His first book "Bad Santas and Other Creepy Christmas Characters" - about the more sinister aspects of Christmas - was published by Simon & Schuster UK in 2013.

  • Phil Letchford

  • Tom Mayne

    is the lead singer of David Cronenberg's Wife and has been involved with antifolk ever since he met Filthy Pedro at an undisclosed location (ie. The 12 Bar). Originally from Stockport, he now lives in London. DCW's 4th album "The Ship" is out March 2020.

  • Vernon Tonges

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