Antifolk record labels

Below is a list of Antifolk record labels. Please use the comments box to let us know of any others that should be added:


Blang is the record label for many of the British Antifolk artists, and is run by Joe ‘Sergeant Buzfuz’ Murphy and JJ Crash. Home to Antifolk artists including David Cronenberg’s Wife, Filthy Pedro, Lucy’s Diary, Milk Kan, Sergeant Buzfuz and Thomas Truax.

Fortified Records

Record label set up by Lach and host to many of the great Antifolk albums over the years. In the process of being brought back into operation by Lach.

Kale Records

A  fair trade record label run by Dan Costello & Rachel Devlin, home to Dan & Rachel, Debe Dalton and with more being added.

Olive Juice Music

Run by Major Matt Mason, Olive Juice Music has been home to many of Antifolk artists from the USA, including the likes of Brer Brian, Diane Cluck, Dan Costello, Steve Espinola, Toby Goodshank, Phoebe Kreutz, Prewar Yardsale, The Purple Organ, Randi Russo, Schwervon! and Seth Faergolzia.

Rough Trade

The famous London record label has been host to two of the break through acts from the Antifolk movement: The Moldy Peaches & Jeffery Lewis.

5 Responses to Antifolk record labels

  1. hi there / i wonder if you know of any lables {tape cdr } that are interested in lofi improv antifolk punkfolk {not sure what the hell we are} all recorded on old tape recorders made up on the spot lots of humour and politics were from cumbria uk ….and would like to pass our version of folk onto new people / thank you martin the sad punk livingstone

  2. Flewmanchew says:

    Basement / bedroom recordings
    Out of oxford Michigan.
    Home to such lofi acts as Chilli Flew & the No Boys, Flewmanchew, the square boys and ByrdFlew.

  3. Jacob Prince says:

    Anyone looking for a cellist? How can I find gigs?

  4. Lee says:

    It’d be much appreciated if you guys checked out my acoustic originals on Banccamp.

    Here’s the link:

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