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Published on June 11th, 2007 | by admin


Two Antifolk singles out today

Filthy Pedro releases the Rock’n’Roll Points single, and Paul Hawkins/Lil’ Lost Lou launch a joint single.

Filthy Pedro’s Rock’n’Roll Points single is launched today. Coming out on Blang records, the single also features History Lover on the B side, and is available from today online at iTunes, Napster, tunetribe etc, and on vinyl in good record shops.

To order the Vinyl online, go to:

The video of the single is out too:


You can also take the Rock’n’Roll Points test online at, to find out how Rock’n’Roll you are.

Paul’s debut single “The Evil Thoughts” (a split 7″ with L’il Lost Lou’s “Bad Bad Girl”). You can hear it at and order it online here:

See the video:


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