Review #3 of the Winter Antifolk Festival 2007 | 12 Bar Club, London

Bag of Shit. No of course I am not saying that part two of the antifolk festival was bad, how could I with tonight’s line up. I am of course referring to the opening act Dennis Scunt (not a cunt) who continued the festival for those who came to the 12 bar yesterday and introduced the festival to those who weren’t, with songs about his loathing pseudo musicians and walking the dog (called bag of shit) my favourite lyrics were “for every Dylan there are Three Girls Aloud”. True, unfortunately

So first off was Dennis Scunt, who we decided was’nt a cunt, James Blunt rhymes with and (quite possibly) is a cunt. Adam Boucher does not like James Blunt although his West Country version of THAT song beats the original I’d say. It says on Adams antifolk profile that lazy people liken him to Billy Bragg. (Now I thought long and hard about the next sentence, so brace yourself) Bournemouths answer to Billy Bragg played a brilliant antifolk festival debut and what’s more discovered a new method of delivery for his songs – playing the drums with his guitar. Rock and Roll points!

It is great to see Uke Stanza join us at the antifolk festival the Johnny Cash alike brand of songs are performed greatly. Uke has a very powerful voice, I look forward to seeing more from Uke in the future, a great set!

I had been looking forward to seeing the new additions to JJ’s band and was far from disappointed JJ Crash and the Disasters. Far from the disaster the name suggests JJ’s songs electrified and amplified hit you like a car crash (ok so maybe that’s where the name comes from). As they play through an overwhelming set of all the favourites I watch with a proud glow especially when the band are joined onstage by Spinmaster Plantpot for a special “Special”

After JJ and the disasters it was nice to hear the softly sung lyrics of Jesus licks. So far today we have had male orientated acts so the soft, and kooky at times songs from (Female fronted) Jesus Licks was a refreshing break.

It is always nice to overhear someones first impression, especially when it’s good and Thee Intolerable Kidd definitely deserves the positive critiscm. A true musician (is there an instrument he cannot play?), who gets stronger with each performance he plays. The emotion that goes into each song is heartfelt. As an adaption to Tain’t no sin, Nathan was joined onstage by Lucy Joplin making a song I already love even better.

It is no secret that I am a Blah Blah Blah fan and tonights performance no exception. One third of londons hardest working band have joined us at the 12 bar. Jays stage presence is brilliant, with strong lyrics and tunes it is clear that Blah Blah Blah have plenty to say. I have yet to see a bad set from these guys and would recommend that if you haven’t seen them yet then a) why not they play, gigs practically everyday and b) you should take the earliest opportunity to see them, you won’t be disappointed.

It is always good to see a band having fun when performing and this can certainly be said for The Big Fibbers. As they play their own brand of oddball songs about alien girlfriends, armadillos and Valerie Singleton you can see both the band and the audience are having a great time and that is no lie.

The Zetland Players just about managed to fit themselves on the tiny stage of the12 bar (well if you’ve been to the 12 bar before you’ll know what a task it is that can be). I think The Zetland Players are one of my favourite new bands. They played an amazing set.

When The Wrath of God Syndrome turn came to take to the stage the room was packed to the rafters. It is obvious that this band have the crowd going. Look out for the Wrath of God (Syndrome).

Home made instruments, beautiful songs, I want to hear more of Extradition Order but the set is soon over and that also means an end to the festival, boo! more! Greed will get me nowhere, I will just have to make my way home and sit patiently for the next extravaganza that is antifolk weekends…

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