New York Summer Antifolk Festival 2013

The New York Summer Antifolk Festival is coming up and it features more than 90 acts, running as usual at the Sidewalk Cafe, August 6th to 16th. Acts include, amongst others, Shilpa Ray, Hamell on Trial, Seth Faergolzia, Major Matt Mason USA, Debe Dalton, Jason Trachtenburg, Caged Animals, and Antifolk Pioneer Kirk Kelly.

The 10-day festival concludes year-long celebration of 20 years of Antifolk at the famous East Village Venue, the Sidewalk Cafe.

The 10-day New York Summer Antifolk Festival at the Sidewalk Cafe will feature performances by more than 90 acts in a jam-packed showcase of music and other performing arts that characterize the ongoing creative scene at the renowned East Village venue.

The Fest, which will run August 6 through 16, is the concluding event in the year-long celebration of the 20th anniversary of Antifolk at Sidewalk Cafe. It will bring together a large cross-section of performers who have been part of the close-knit Sidewalk  community over the last two decades, many of whom are returning to the club for rare appearances.

It will also feature some of the brightest newcomers in the scene. The Summer Antifolk Festival runs August 6 through 16 at Sidewalk Cafe, 94 Avenue A (at Sixth Street). There is no cover charge for shows, although there is a one-item food or drink minimum. For more information, or 212-473-7373.

History of the New York Antifolk Festival

The New York Antifolk Festival was started in the mid-1980s by a group of young songwriters whose raucous style made them unwelcome at the open mic sessions in local folk clubs like Gerde’s Folk City and the Speakeasy.

In response to the more mainstream New York Folk Festival, they started their own Antifolk Festival, which has continued ever since. They also created a regular open mic session, the Antihoot, that moved from spot to spot but finally settled in at Sidewalk super mario world Cafe in 1993 under the leadership of Lach. Ben Krieger took over as Sidewalk’s music impresario when Lach stepped down in 2008.

Summer Antifolk Festival 2013

August 6 to 16
Sidewalk Cafe
94 Avenue A

Line up

(current as of July 3)

Tuesday, August 6

Opening Festivities with Yossarian Feedback/Preston Spurlock/Johnny Dydo
Ken South Rock
Jack Toft
Purple Organ
23 Psaegz
Julie Lablahblah (of Ching Ching)
Major Matt Mason USA

Wednesday August 7

Hat Puzzle
Bird to Prey
Chris Maher
Dan Costello
Yes, William
Brian Speaker
Land War in Winter

Thursday, August 8

A Tribute to J. J. Hayes (Sidewalk artists interpret the songs of the respected songwriter and dedicated denizen of the scene)
Feral Foster
Richard Ringer
A Brief View of the Hudson
Dave Deporis

Friday, August 9

Peter Dizozza
Joe Bendik
Kirk Kelly
Dots Will Echo
Loraine Leckie
Lenny Molotov
Pendulum Swings (Jason Trachtenburg big band)

Saturday, August 10

Crazy and the Brains
Soul Candy
A Deer A Horse
Boo Hoo
Brook Pridemore
Jagged Leaves
Master Lee

Sunday, August 11

Victor Florence
Brer Brian
Brian Fitzousa
Adam Bricks
Debe Dalton
Ray Brown
Pinelawn Empire
Joe Crow Ryan

Tuesday, August 13

Bernard King Presents:
Matt Frye
Phoebe Novak
John Murdock
Phoebe Blue and the Make Baleaves
JJ Hayes
The Johns
Steffko and the Facebookbraggerz
Caged Animals
+Lys Merlo (interludes)

Wednesday, August 14

Dick Jokes
Grasping Straws
Cannonball Statman
The Due Dilligence
Shilpa Ray
Give to Light
Albert Goold

Thursday, August 15

Erin Kleh
A Conclave of Baer
Charles Mansfield
Morgan Heringer/Fayaway
Kid Lucky
Fuse Hip-Hop with Timothy Dark, Soce and More

Friday, August 16

Jon Berger
Gina Mobilio
Grey Revell
Ben Pagano
Hamell on Trial
The Telethons
Kung Fu Crime Wave

23 Psaegz playing REGINA FUNDERWEAR MVI 1829



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