Autumn Antifolk Festival 2006 Part 2 | 12 Bar Club, London

So Dedee has already told you about what happened last night. So that must mean it’s my turn to fill in the gaps on the on the rest of the Antifolk Two Dayer.

After a sleep and a lazy day watching Mighty Boosh Dvds it was time to head back to the 12 Bar for more Antifolk brilliance. First off there was an excellent debut from Naomi Hates Humans, and an excellent start to part two of the Antifolk Weekender. Naomi has an amazing voice.

I really love Brother Clunks Bluesy Deep Voice especially “To the woman you must go” I hope I got that name right, If not that’ll teach me for not taking proper notes. Anyway, it is a good song.

At first I was a bit confused when Spinmaster Plantpot introduced a song about fat people which I heard as “when I wake up I wee myself, when I eat I wee myself” and so on. Needless to say I didn’t get the joke but after a couple more lines I realised that he was saying “Weigh myself”. With that little piece of confusion cleared up I could enjoy the rest of his set. Tonight Spinmaster Plantpot was on top form, presenting very funny, shouty songs.

Maybe it was just generally cold in the 12 Bar, a bad hangover from the night before or the start of a cold but I was shivering up to this point. Anybody else would have grabbed there coat as soon as they noticed it was cold but not me, I like to make sure I am definitely cold (or something like that) and having shivered through three sets decided it was time to put my coat back on. But enough about me it’s time to tell you about Sergeant Buzfuz’s set. Joined by full band Sergeant Buzfuz played my favourites first – Cockney Rebel and Back of my Cab. Buzfuz has some beautiful songs but those two are the ones that always stick in my head.

Candy Thief have beautiful songs – especially the song sung in French, later in the set she informs us that she is French. So that’d be why it was sung so well then. Still a great song though.

As the Delicate Hammers took to the stage and bounced energetically into their set I thought that the organ they had brought with them was going to crush them or push them off the stage but thankfully that didn’t happen. Since hearing that Delicate Hammers (not The Delicate Hammers) were playing had been looking forward to see them. Altogether a brilliant set.

Sporting comic glasses Jinx Lennon played a fantastic set. I have heard a lot about Jinx Lennon but it was my first Jinx gig and I must say I can see what people was talking about (and maybe spot where some people have been influenced by his music)

The Bicycle thieves together with members of candy thief were thick as thieves as they performed their beautiful songs. This set was one of my favourites of the night.

Toy fights, doctors, handcuffs and stripping…bringing a bunch of cuddly toys to an antifolk gig is just asking for a trouble (says the girl who had a chimpanzee puppet on her hand for most of the set). Which is exactly what happened when Paul Hawkins and Thee Awkward Silences took to the stage for yet another brilliant set.

Former member of David Cronenbergs Wife, Nick Tafra played some excellent songs. Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Nicks songs (not that I was expecting to be disappointed, but you know what I mean).

Unfortunately Six7 couldn’t make it but that meant that we got to see Stuart James earlier so it’s not all bad. I owe Stuart an apology. I was very tired by the time I spoke to you and cannot believe I had forgotton you were playing. I am glad you were though and an excellent set it was too.

So what would be the perfect end to an amazing weekend? George doing Bruce Springsteen covers? Hell Yeah!

Well Dedee (and everyone else), I hope I managed to do the weekend justice. A truly amazing weekend.

Photo’s by Frankie

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