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Published on September 17th, 2014 | by Dylan Caulfield


Antifolk Radio Show: Episode #2

The second episode of Dylan “The Catcher” Caulfield’s new Antifolk Radio show, put together with love and care from the land of frozen maple syrup and mounties…

Hi everyone.

Here is the second episode of my antifolk radio podcast. Features songs by Dufus, Thomas Truax, The Missing Leech, Erin K, mertle and many more…


Dylan Caulfield


Track List

  1. Dufus “Little Bitta Reggae”
  2. mertle “Butterfly” & “I’m Fat”
  3. Sergeant Buzfuz “Who Are You?”
  4. A Dull Boy “21st Century Man”
  5. The Missing Leech “Somriu”
  6. Trond K & The Serious Issues “Lied About Sending Flowers (To the Funeral  of a Friend)”
  7. Flipron “Rusty Casino’s Casino Rustique”
  8. Erin K “Olga”
  9. Thomas Truax “My Wife Had a Dream”
  10. Jonathan Richman “Girlfriend”
  11. The Teenbeat “Aldi Girl”
  12. Amy Yvonne Simpson “Boys Smell Throw Rocks at Them”
  13. Cindy Lee Berryhill “Damn, I Wish I Was a Man”
  14. Mike Boner “Hard to Stay Soft”

About the Author

Dylan "The Catcher" Caulfield was born in New York City but his family relocated when he was young to Europe, spending time in various places including Sweden, Portugal, the north of England and Dubai. Dylan claims an encyclopedic knowledge of antifolk dating back ‘to ‘84’. He currently lives in Canada with two dogs.

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