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Antifolk Radio Podcast Vol 2. Ep#3

December 2015 episode. Antifolk UK special! With music from Milk Kan, Bonesetters, Albino, Mathew Sawyer & The Ghosts, Sgt Buzfuz and lots more. With your host Dylan ‘The Catcher’ Caulfield!

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Antifolk Radio Vol 2. Ep#3 by Antifolk_Radio on Mixcloud

Track List
1. Trond K & The Serious Issues “Don’t Drink Vodka With David Cronenberg’s Wife”
2. Mathew Sawyer & The Ghosts “Love Will Come to Town”
3. Milk Kan “Here Ya Come Again & Again”
4. Dana Immanuel “Nashville”
5. Albino “Misery is the New Happiness”
6. Faceometer “Silent Shrove (Dancing on the Night Train)”
7. Raymond Detritus “An Occupation”
8. Sgt Buzfuz “Here Come the Popes (Parts 1 & 2)”
9. Pete David & The Payroll Union “Ride Back Home”
10. Bonesetters “The Lebanese Huli Bar”
11. The Tornados / Joe Meek “Telstar”
12. Benjamin Shaw “Hulk”


About the Author

Dylan "The Catcher" Caulfield was born in New York City but his family relocated when he was young to Europe, spending time in various places including Sweden, Portugal, the north of England and Dubai. Dylan claims an encyclopedic knowledge of antifolk dating back ‘to ‘84’. He currently lives in Canada with two dogs.

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