Published on October 27th, 2015 | by Dylan Caulfield


Antifolk Radio Podcast Vol 2. Ep#2

Bored of the same old thing? Then get yourself down to the Antifolk Radio Podcast with Dylan Caulfield! Featuring tracks from Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Lach, Filthy Pedro, Corporal Machine & The Bombers, Thomas Truax and more!


Antifolk Radio Vol 2. Ep #2 by Antifolk_Radio on Mixcloud

Track List
1. Misty’s Big Adventure “Smart Guys Wear Ties”
2. Dream Bitches “Bad Luck Bill”
3. Maple Mountain “Devon Dream”
4. Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players “Eggs”
5. Knot Pinebox “The Advisory”
6. Lach “Coffee Black”
7. Filthy Pedro “Gilgamesh”
8. Corporal Machine & The Bombers “Five-a-Day”
9. Tom Waits “Better Off Without a Wife”
10. Thomas Truax “The Raindrop Says Goodbye to the Cloud”
11. Turner Cody “Setting Sun”
12. Charanjit Singh “Ragi Todi”

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Dylan "The Catcher" Caulfield was born in New York City but his family relocated when he was young to Europe, spending time in various places including Sweden, Portugal, the north of England and Dubai. Dylan claims an encyclopedic knowledge of antifolk dating back ‘to ‘84’. He currently lives in Canada with two dogs.

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