Published on August 3rd, 2015 | by Dylan Caulfield


Antifolk Radio Podcast Ep #11

So what’s with 2015? It’s over half gone already! But if it goes it may as well slide away with a great soundtrack. So here’s another episode of Dylan Caulfield’s antifolk podcast with tracks from The Sprinkle Genies, David Cronenberg’s Wife, Phoebe Novak, Horsebox, Linda Draper and more!


Antifolk Radio Ep #11 by Antifolk_Radio on Mixcloud

    Track List

1. The Sprinkle Genies “Boss Naked”
2. Horsebox “The Best Mixtape in the World”
3. Poppy Pitt “Flagged and Born to Be”
4. The New York Howl “Broke My Heart”
5. Phoebe Novak “Bliss”
6. Karen Dalton “Katy Cruel”
7. The Zetland Players “House Above the Road”
8. David Cronenberg’s Wife “Weil Du so lieb bist!”
9. Linda Draper “Sleepwalkers”
10. Wet Dog “Gym Fingers”
11. Datblygu “Fanzine Ynfytyn”
12. Zachary Cale “Dante Revisited”
13. DeXter Bentley “Cry Now”
14. Fauntleroy “Stay Away”
15. The Television Personalities “I Know Where Sid Barrett Lives”

About the Author

Dylan "The Catcher" Caulfield was born in New York City but his family relocated when he was young to Europe, spending time in various places including Sweden, Portugal, the north of England and Dubai. Dylan claims an encyclopedic knowledge of antifolk dating back ‘to ‘84’. He currently lives in Canada with two dogs.

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